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How To Find The Official TOEFL Testing Center In Your Area

How To Find The TOEFL Testing Center In Your Area

Where The Hell Is The Testing Center!?!?

Where The Hell Is The Testing Center!?!?

People trying to find The Official TOEFL Testing Center in their area (Country, and City) is a very serious and important part of the process of taking The TOEFL iBT Exam.

The fact that this was the single biggest reason for receiving emails from people all around the world, and that responding to those emails, previously, took up most of my time, is the reason why I took nearly a year to collect and publish all of the official testing centers throughout the world, as given by the official website.

Yes, the official website does give this information, but the problem is – to get this information, one first needs to actually start the registration process to get it.  I don’t know who would actually spend the money to register for the exam before finding out where they actually have to take the damn thing, but I certainly wouldn’t!

I am not exactly sure why the organization that created and administers The TOEFL iBT Exam, makes it so difficult to find this information but don’t worry…  GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! has got you covered. 😉

So Where Is My TOEFL Testing Center?


To Find Out, Read The Full Post Here

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TOEFL Vocabulary #7 – “General” (Unique Word-Transformation)

The Word “General” – TOEFL Vocabulary
(Its Transformation + Meanings & Usage)

The word “General” and its transformations fall into the categories of:  Functional Vocabulary, Useful Adjectives & Adverbs, Unique Word Transformations, and Level-Checking Vocabulary.

For a description of what those terms mean…  (as they are my terms, and are not directly associated with anything that you will find in any other text-books or official information about The TOEFL iBT Exam)…  simply click any of the terms above to go to the article in-which I explain them.

General – [Abstract Noun & Concrete Noun]…

Generalization – [Abstract Noun]…

Generalize – [Verb]…

Generally – [Adverb]…

(to) Generate – [Verb]…

Generation – [Abstract Noun & Concrete Noun]…

Generator – [Concrete Noun]…

Generous – [Adjective]…


To See How and Why All Of These Words Will Be Good To Know For The TOEFL iBT Exam…


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TOEFL Vocabulary #6 – “Facilitate” (Unique Word-Transformation & Functional TOEFL Vocabulary)

The Word “Facilitate” – TOEFL Vocabulary
(It’s Transformations + Meaning & Usage)

The word “Facilitate”, and it’s various transformations are the second in the “Unique Word Transformation” TOEFL Vocabulary series.  For a full description about the different types of TOEFL Vocabulary, you can read the blog post I wrote on that subject here.

In addition to being “Unique Word Transformation” Vocabulary, at least two of this word’s transformations also qualify as Functional TOEFL Vocabulary.




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A Quick Update

TOEFL Excellence Update

For those of you out there who are following things here at TOEFL Excellence, you may have noticed that I haven’t posted anything for a little while.

This is simply from being a bit overwhelmed with bureaucracy and with doing a lot of “Spring Cleaning” between all of the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!  Websites.

But luckily, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  The technical problems with the software for the TOEFL Excellence Training System is finished, and now I have been able to get back on track with content.


It’s hard to give an “accurate” estimate on when the first downloadable package will be ready, and making promises on the internet that one can not or does not deliver is much more of an “un-forgiveable act” than in “real” life, but the first two parts of the three-part package are basically finished.  This package will be aimed at those people who are completely new to the TOEFL iBT Exam and need to know what the first steps that they need to take will be.  It will be for a free download, and I will keep you all updated as to it’s development.

In the mean-time, don’t forget to check out the other posts about The TOEFL iBT Exam, and about lots of other useful and entertaining subjects pertaining to learning English.

Get All Of It Here!!!

P.S.  I almost forgot…  If you haven’t already, do not forget to sign up for a discount on the TOEFL Excellence Training courses, when they do come out.  You can sign up Here.

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TOEFL Excellence 001 – Introduction To The TOEFL Excellence Training System

Introduction To TOEFL Excellence – (TOEFL Excellence 001)

Image Credit: Toefl from

Image Credit: Toefl from

A few weeks back, I started The TOEFL Excellence YouTube Channel.  Much of The TOEFL Excellence Training System will be done with videos, so it only makes sense that TOEFL Excellence should also have its YouTube Channel as well.

The reason that I did not want to promote this video earlier is that – until a couple days ago – it was the only video created, and I didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot by promoting something for-which the follow-up was not even conceived yet.

But since that has now happened…  Well, here it is. 😉

Read The Full Post & Watch The Video Here!

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TOEFL Vocabulary #5 – “Educate” (Functional TOEFL Vocabulary)

The Word “Educate”

Educate Yourself - GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!

(Functional TOEFL Vocabulary)

“Educate” – (/EH-dʒə-kay[t]/ – /ˈɛ.dʒə.ke[t]/) [dynamic verb]…

  • “(to) Educate (one’s self or an other) is to provide or procure information upon any subject – either passively or actively, for the sake of expanding one’s comprehension – and thus – over-all knowledge of either a particular subject or all possible subjects, generally.”


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