It Has Begun…

The creation of the “TOEFL Excellence” Training course (by GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!) is well under-way.

This site is way for me to start disseminating some of the wonderful bits of helpful information that will be in, both the free lessons and in, the premium versions of the training course, and printed text-book.

I will do my best to put out bits of information every day, which is not a day-off or a holiday…  (we all need a rest right?)  Of course, I am a big fan of breaking rules…  even if they are my own.

This… (breaking the rules) is, of course, one of the core philosophies behind, and inspirations for the “TOEFL Excellence” Training courses – and this is the main reason why I am “breaking the rules” by giving you all, information that one may otherwise have to pay for…  (or at least do a lot of searching for.)

So…  we’ll see you tomorrow with the first bit…




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