Test-Taker Issues #1 – No TOEFL Testing Center

No TOEFL Testing Center In My Country / Area

Hello Again,

Yesterday we didn’t have a post because I was “in the home-stretch” of finally finishing a project that took almost an entire year.  That project was – to add the Testing Center pages for every single country in the world that hosts The TOEFL Exam to the Dates and Locations pages on The GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – TOEFL Portal – including all fifty states and all of the provinces of Canada as well…  that was one hell of a project!!!

But in the process of finishing up, I had communication with one potential text-taker who wrote me a message, asking about where The TOEFL Testing Center was in his country…

… And there wasn’t any.

This unfortunate situation was compounded (or at least made more frustrating) by the fact that the official site (and thus my site) lists the testing dates for those locations, even though there are actually ARE NO TESTING CENTERS.

I can comprehend, from a business stand-point (because that’s what the organization that administers The TOEFL Exam IS), that this makes sense to them…

Advertise The TOEFL Exam, even if there is no testing center because maybe that will increase demand, and then all of those unfortunate individuals who want and need to take the exam will start complaining to their local schools – and then they will do whatever is necessary to become an official testing center (even if they have no resources to do so) thus making more money for the people who administer the exam**

(**Legally-speaking, this is pure speculation.  I have absolutely no proof that this is what is actually happening which is why I do not mention their names.)

I get it…  And I also get that in our world today, that such situations are somehow considered “acceptable”…  but it fucking sucks for those individuals who live in countries which do not have and testing centers.

But then, the organization that created and administers the exam is not running a charity organization… that is clear.

Why do I list the exam dates if there are no testing centers?  Because sometimes, things actually change for the better.  And as soon as there is a testing center for any place added (or any new information – for that matter – I pass it on to you.) 😉

So…  What Do You Do If There Is No Testing Center, Now?

Well…  unfortunately the answer to that question (for many) is another big “F*#k You!”.  That is because, unless that person is able to travel to a neighboring country, to the testing center in that area…  there is nothing one can do.


This post is not meant to be all about complaining of the injustices of the world and of the big (and I mean HUGE) business of “education”…  but is about solutions.

So, until someone gives me a few hundred million dollars so that I can pay for everyone’s exam, registration, and travel expenses (which I would do if I could)…  Then the only option for the people living in those countries, is to either wait until whatever political or economic trouble which is causing this situation ends… or to search for the testing centers in the nearest country that one can get to (hopefully without having to learn yet another language just to communicate with the people in that testing center.)

The way that one can do this, is to go to the TOEFL Testing Dates and Locations page on the GiveMeSomeEnglish!!! – TOEFL Portal and click on the letter for the country or countries surrounding one’s own country and search in those areas.

I am hoping that I will be able to find a way…  or that a way will find me, that will make this process A LOT easier and less of an expense on person who actually needs to take the exam…  The very people who – quite often – have the least amount of resources to accomplish such a task.

So…  if anyone out there has a few million or a few hundred million and wants to start a social, educational, and ethical revolution…  get a hold of me…  Let’s do it!  And for those of you who need ANY help, with any part of taking the TOEFL (including registering, and finding information) please let me know…  I may not be Superman yet, but I am definitely Batman, and I’m ready to kick some “F”-in’ ass on your behalf…  In other words…  I will do what I can.


P.S.  If you want to help me help you (or someone you know) please take the survey from the previous post, and pass it on to others.

Remember:  If there are any words (or phrases) in this post that you do not know – look them up.  Though you do not need to waste time memorizing lists of vocabulary before taking The TOEFL Exam, it is always a good idea to look-up words that you do not know.  Even if you think you know them, you may be surprised, so if you see a word that you may “know” but can’t actually define or explain…  look it up!  I suggest Wikitionary.com

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask any time.

Have An Excellent Day!


Test-Taker Issues #1 – No TOEFL Testing Center was originally published on TOEFL Excellence

Test-Taker Issues #1 – No TOEFL Testing Center was originally published on TOEFL Excellence



  1. Hello every one, I am Chala Abera Kumsa from Ethiopia and I would like to tell you I am very interested to take the TOEFL English test and certify by this field of study yo make my future bright in language and also make my life easy to process it. So please inform me when the registration time is start.


    • Hello Celina,

      Thank you for the message.

      Unfortunately, there are not any testing centers currently in Liberia. The best option for you to take the exam, would be to go to any neighboring countries. You can find those testing centers by following the directions that I laid out in the blog post above.

      Have An Excellent Day!


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