Frequently Asked TOEFL Question #3 – Reading Section Topics

Q:  What Are The Topics Of The Reading Passages In The Reading Section?

(This first entry comes from the FAQ page on the TOEFL Portal of GiveMeSomeEnglish!!!)

A:  The topics that one will read about are from:  The Arts, The Sciences, and History.

The level of difficulty for each topic is equivalent to what a person may find on any of these subjects on a Wikipedia page.  In fact, reading the first few paragraphs of any Wikipedia page (try the “random article” function in the left-hand menu) can be good practice for preparing oneself for The Reading Section…  As long as you know what information to look for, and you look up any new words that you come across.

You DO NOT need to know anything about any of the topics discussed before the exam as all of the information that you will need to answer any of these questions on each reading passage will be presented WITHIN the reading passage itself.

Therefore, studying endless amounts of vocabulary, will be a very poor usage of your TOEFL Preparation time…  (As I have written about here.)

And That’s That!


Remember:  If there are any words in this post that you do not know – look them up.  Though you do not need to waste time memorizing lists of vocabulary before taking The TOEFL Exam, it is always a good idea to look-up words that you do not know.  Even if you think you know them, you may be surprised, so if you see a word that you may “know” but can’t actually define or explain…  look it up.  I suggest

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask any time.

Have An Excellent Day!


Frequently Asked TOEFL Question #3 – Reading Section Topics was originally published on TOEFL Excellence


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