TOEFL Excellence 001 – Introduction To The TOEFL Excellence Training System

Introduction To TOEFL Excellence – (TOEFL Excellence 001)

Image Credit: Toefl from

Image Credit: Toefl from

A few weeks back, I started The TOEFL Excellence YouTube Channel.  Much of The TOEFL Excellence Training System will be done with videos, so it only makes sense that TOEFL Excellence should also have its YouTube Channel as well.

The reason that I did not want to promote this video earlier is that – until a couple days ago – it was the only video created, and I didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot by promoting something for-which the follow-up was not even conceived yet.

But since that has now happened…  Well, here it is. 😉

Read The Full Post & Watch The Video Here!

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The First “TOEFL Excellence” Recording – Free Download!!!

TOEFL Excellence – Recording 001 (Introduction)

Yes, yes, I know… it has been a week since the last post.  But with good reason.  However, I’m sure you really don’t want to hear about how busy I have been…  You want to read about what I actually have for you now…

Below is the first recording of The “TOEFL Excellence” Training Courses, which serves as an introduction, and just may turn into a podcast…  I don’t know, because I have absolutely no experience with such things, but maybe I’ll let you decide…

And Here It Is!!!

And There You Have It!

So let me know what you think, and if you have any specific questions.  I am looking forward to continuing in this fashion, as I can speak a lot faster than I can type.

…  And I’ll “see” you all again soon. 😉

Remember:  If there are any words or phrases in this post that you do not know – look them up.  Though you do not need to waste time memorizing lists of vocabulary before taking The TOEFL Exam, it is always a good idea to look-up words that you do not know.  Even if you think you know them, you may be surprised, so if you see a word that you may “know” but can’t actually define or explain…  look it up.  I suggest

And if you have any questions, feel free to ask any time.

Have An Excellent Day!

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